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Jussi Valtonen – London Literature Festival

4th August, 2017

How closely to dystopian fictions resemble reality? Are we currently living inside a dystopian nightmare, or are they warnings of where we might be heading? What can the dystopian fiction of the north tell us about the apprehensions and aspirations of the Nordic region? And how does this compare to the dystopian dreams from elsewhere?

Discover the writers who have captured the imaginations of their homelands with dystopian visions and startling literary inventions, including Jussi Valtonen, author of They Know Not What They Do, which received the 2014 Finlandia Prize.

Jussi Valtonen is an author and psychologist from Helsinki. He studied neuropsychology in the United States and screenwriting in the UK. His previous works include two novels and a short story collection. His novel, They Know Not What They Do, was a critical and popular success in Finland, and is now forthcoming with Oneworld.

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