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Martin Bell – Richmond Literature Festival

10th November, 2017

Martin Bell has had a long career with the BBC as a war correspondent, covering every theatre of modern war you could name and encountering extraordinary risks in the pursuit of accurate news. His experience in the field has made him question how far television news bulletins, especially 24 hour news, get to the truth of what is actually happening, whether because of undue sensitivity or self-censorship or shoddy reporting and editing.

War and the Death of News is the story of Bell’s career, telling not just of his wars but of his battles with editors when he fought to broadcast what he saw as the truth, with the sobering conclusion that, with the impending collapse of mentored news services through newspapers and broadcasting, we are facing the death of informed news, a disaster for our society.

John Stapleton is an award-winning journalist and presenter with over fifty years’ experience in newspapers and television.

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