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Xiran Jay Zhao – CYMERA Festival (ONLINE)

Online - CYMERA: Scotland’s Festival of Science-Fiction, June 4, 2022 9:00 pm

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Apathy is not the look here. Here, we burst forth with all the strength and force we can muster.

Welcome to Kekon, the island where blood, family and honour is the ruling hand. In Jade City, Fonda Lee introduces the Green Bone clans of Kekon, those of No Peak and the Mountain clans, who live and die by the lifeblood of jade – and cannot let sleeping dogs lie.

Xiran Jay Zhao’s Iron Widow follows Zetian, a young concubine-pilot determined to avenge the brutal death of her sister. But Zetian finds herself at the centre of a patriarchal military system, with a fierce anger set to bring it crashing down.

Running time: 60 minues

Price: £6/£4 concession (plus 50p booking fee)

This event is live on Zoom, and part of CYMERA: Scotland’s Festival of Science-Fiction.

Fonda Lee is the author of the epic fantasy Green Bone Saga, beginning with Jade City, continuing in Jade War, and concluding in Jade Legacy. She is also the author of the science fiction novels Zeroboxer, Exo and Cross Fire. Fonda is a winner of the World Fantasy Award, as well as a three-time winner of the Aurora Award (Canada’s national science fiction and fantasy award), and a multiple finalist for the Nebula Award, the Locus Award, and the Oregon Book Award. Born and raised in Canada, she currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.

Follow Fonda Lee on Twitter @FondaJLee or visit their website.

Xiran Jay Zhao is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Iron Widow series and Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor. A first-gen Hui Chinese immigrant from small-town China to Vancouver, Canada, they were raised by the Internet and made the inexplicable decision to leave their biochem degree in the dust to write books and make educational content instead. You can find them on Twitter for memes, Instagram for cosplays and fancy outfits, TikTok for fun short videos, and YouTube for long videos about Chinese history and culture.

Follow Xiran Jay Zhao on Twitter @XiranJayZhao or visit their website.

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